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Pests like ants are one of the most commonly seen in every place including houses, offices, and other commercial places. Ants can be brutal to your skin if they ever bite you. You can also get a red spot immediately after an ant bite. Problems like itching and redness are common after ant bites. 

At Gold Coast Pest Control, we treat your ant-infested house and business area, and you will get a permanent solution. Call our amazing Ant Control Gold Coast team for services. We provide you with an all-around service. The experts in our company are very much exposed to such incidents before and know every tip and method to exterminate them. 

Types Of Ants 

Determining the type of ant that infested your house can be tough. As there are almost 12,000 species of ants. To determine the ant types it is important to know about their specification, body structure, and other features of different ants. We are going to tell you about some of the ants below for better knowledge.

Acrobat Ants:-

These types of ants are around 3 millimetres in length and carry two nodes. Well, they are not so aggressive unless they are threatened. They mostly make their colony in moist areas like wood or trees. If they get aggressive then you can get a sting from them too. They look like a scorpion when they are running by keeping their head high. 

Asian Needle Ants:-

These types of ants are a bit longer as compared to acrobats. They are brown. These ants too prefer moist places. Unlike acrobats, they are less aggressive to different ant colonies. They can bite humans only if they are pressed by human skin or if they are stuck between clothes. These ants can prove to be a real danger because of their bite’s aftermath. They can cause itching and sometimes spots on the skin too. The most dangerous thing they can do is make you suffer from anaphylaxis. 

European Fire Ants:-

These ants vary from 4 to 5 millimetres in their length. Such types of ants come out mostly around warmer seasons like summer. They make their colony anywhere between vegetation, indoors, and sometimes gardens too. These ants are very aggressive. They can cause you pain by their bite. It can cause severe itching and a big red spot too. They can nest during winters too. But the location gets a slight change. For example under any warm place in your house. 

Identifying such species can be a challenge for you. Instead of searching for them, hire our Best Ant Control Services now! 

Trustworthy Services Which Are Included To Help You Remain Protected Against Ants:-

There are many services which are available at your doorstep as soon as you hire us. These services can prove to be very helpful in making your house ant-free. So let’s look at some of them below.

Ant Inspection And Removal:-

At our firm, we provide the best Ant Inspection Services. We bring the talented Ant Control Gold Coast team to your place to inspect ant colonies. By which we can start the terminating process. Book us now!

Domestic Ant Control:-

We provide you services for domestic region ants infestation too. You can hire us from any corner of the Gold Coast city. An old company like us has been set up across the whole city. So book our Ant Control Gold Coast services now!

Restaurant Ant Control:-

Having an ant infestation in a restaurant can make the food and vegetables dangerous for eating. It can damage the reputation of your business too. But our Ant Control Gold Coast service has been helping people with such problems in the restaurant. Appoint us now!

Pre-Purchase Ant Inspection:-

Purchasing a new house? Well, it is good to have a house for yourself. But ever thought that investing so much money and the place is crawling with an ant infestation? It can make your investment go to waste. Hire our Ant Exterminator services to inspect any pre-existing problems. It is better to know about the place deeply. 

Emergency Ant Control Service:-

Looking for an ant control firm that can come on call within a few minutes. Well, hire us for such quick services. Our Ant Control Gold Coast team is well experienced. 

Same Day Ant Control Service:-

No need to wait in line for a day to get your home ant-free. We are offering the most genuine Ant Control Gold Coast same-day services. We give zero dissatisfaction in our services. Book us now!

Book Online Now Or Call: We Are Available 24/7 For Help

We not only show our brilliant skills in removing ant infestation but also in providing a fruitful customer care service. We provide a continuous channel of customer care service. You can contact us for any appointments or any other queries. We have highly skilled ant controllers 24/7. Get your house a new start without any problems. We also provide emergency services for the whole day and night. 

Why Appoint Us For Ant Control Gold Coast?

We will be mentioning a few reasons to choose us for more effective and efficient ant control services. All the reasons are affiliated with the skills of our Ant Control Gold Coast team. 

Affordable Services:- You can get yourself a slot in our company for an amazing and affordable service. 

Years In Service: We are a family-owned and operated Ant Control Gold Coast company that has been in business for over 20 years. 

Professional Team: We have a very professional team of ant control technicians who will come to your home or commercial building and treat your ant problem the right way.

Handle Ants Of All Sizes: We have the experience to handle ants of all sizes, so whether you have just one colony or an extensive infestation, we’re here to help.


Do you provide service with non-hazardous ant treating chemicals in Gold Coast?

Yes, our techniques and ideas don’t include any type of harmful chemicals. We can treat your ant-infested areas without chemicals. 

Does your company have enough experience? 

We have been practising ant control for many years. Every customer of our company is very happy with the service they have received.

Are your ant controllers licensed?

Yes, we have checked their background and all of them have got a professional pest controllers certificate for this job. We have Certificate III in urban pest management. 

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